A sustainable waste management solution

We turn garbage into electricity — how is our process unique?

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Our Performance

Plasco diverts 95% of waste from landfill, replaces fossil fuels with our clean gas, improves local air quality and reduces a community's carbon footprint.


Plasco Trail Road Performance

Plasco’s commercial-scale demonstration facility in Ottawa, Ontario is the culmination of more than 25 years of focused research and development.

Between January 2008, when the facility first made electricity from processing post-recycled MSW from the City of Ottawa, and January 2015, the plant was operated in a series of focused campaigns, each intended to improve or demonstrate various unit operations. PTR demonstrated that the Plasco Conversion process could generate electricity efficiently from IC engines operating on syngas, while yielding superior environmental performance, and producing treated water and non-leachable aggregate from the waste.

The technology demonstrated at PTR was independently verified on several occasions, and finally declared ready for commercialization in mid-2014 by a reputable 3rd party engineering company. In December, 2014, the New Economy Magazine awarded Plasco the title of “The Best Recycling and Waste Management Technology”.

As the need for technology demonstration and development declined, Plasco reduced the frequency and length of its campaigns at PTR and turned to marketing its product. PTR decommissioning began in mid-2015.