A sustainable waste management solution

We turn garbage into electricity — how is our process unique?

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Our Performance

Plasco diverts 95% of waste from landfill, replaces fossil fuels with our clean gas, improves local air quality and reduces a community's carbon footprint.


Our Performance

Plasco owns patented technology that achieves high energy efficiencies in the conversion of waste to power. Combined with the latest in gas quality and emission control technology, Plasco offers the most economical and environmentally superior alternative to landfilling and incineration.

A Plasco Facility offers the following environmental benefits:

  1. Improves local air quality and reduces a community’s carbon footprint
  2. Curbs landfill growth and expansion
  3. Preserves natural resources for future generations
  4. Generates green power with ultra-low emissions

Landfill sites account for about 38% of Canada's total methane emissions.