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Proven in operation at commercial scale. — We're shaping a sustainable future for waste management

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Our Company

Plasco Conversion Technologies leverages strategic partnerships with Developers to enable the global deployment of our world-leading waste conversion technology: the Plasco Gasification and Plasma Refining System.


Our Company

Plasco Conversion Technologies Inc. is a Canadian technology developer and supplier of proprietary waste treatment technology. The Plasco Gasification and Plasma Refining System is a plant configuration that gives the client a world class, environmentally pristine, proven waste conversion solution to convert urban waste or hazardous waste into a valuable Syngas. Each Integrated Conversion And Refining System (ICARS) is designed and produced in repeatable units to process 200 tonnes per day (TPD) each of urban waste or as little as 60 tonnes per day of hazardous waste. The ICARS in conjunction with the Gas Quality Control Suite (GQCS) creates a clean syngas usable to supplement or replace coal or natural gas at power plants or to be used directly in an IC engine or turbine. Net saleable energy is about 75% of energy in waste processed, materially more than is recovered by incineration. Nonleachable slag and clean water options provide for additional financial benefits. There is no residual ash for disposal.

The Plasco GPRS is the result of over 30 years of experience with plasma technologies. Decades of research and development have been invested to develop breakthrough performance and versatility that is economical and environmentally superior to environmental limits imposed in various jurisdictions. From 2004 through 2014, Plasco designed, built, tested, exercised and operated our commercial demonstration facility to complete the commercial design and test operational performance and durability of ICARS and GQCS. The Plasco commercial demonstration facility was built in Ottawa, Canada with Plasco shareholder investment. In order to prove ICARS and the GQCS Plasco made the self-investment in a fully functioning plant from the reception of random MSW through generating power with IC engines. Plasco has the knowledge and practical experience to support smooth integration of conversion technology into a fully integrated Energy from Waste Plant.

The Plasco GPRS replaces incineration and related pollution control systems in Energy from Waste facilities.




Operating Experience

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