A sustainable waste management solution

Where most see waste, we see a resource — we're changing the way communities deal with waste

Who Are We?

The Plasco Gasification and Plasma Refining System (GPRS™) processes urban waste and produces PlascoSyngas, a clean gas that substitutes for natural gas. No air emissions come from the process, solids in the waste are melted to produce clean saleable slag and water in the waste is recovered. Air emissions from combustion of PlascoSyngas are comparable to natural gas and meet all regulations worldwide. There is no need for a stack. Slag produced by GPRS™ is a valuable product with market similar to Blast Furnace Slag. There is no residual solid for disposal. Hazardous materials can be processed by GPRS™ and all hazards are treated to the applicable regulatory standard.


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Global Syngas Technologies Council Adds Three New Members

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